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Guided Breathwork Journey + Integration Support

Your Holistic Experience of Transformation + Healing Through Somatic Release Breathwork

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The process

Lavender Tusk facilitates a process that is unique to other breathwork sessions that you'll find because we want you to be as prepared and supported as possible throughout this process. This is Breath WORK and the technique we are working with allows you the opportunity to experience a non-ordinary state of consciousness. Each moment and step is curated with extra care.

We start with an Onboarding Package (Pre-Breathwork Questionnaire & Waiver) and then schedule a Preparation Session where we connect, get to know each other, where you are at + what your goals for the session are. You will receive a recording of the Breathwork 101 Workshop which is a foundational intro to Owaken Breathwork. We collaboratively will create an intention for the session and decide the best technique, set + setting for your journey. Locations include Journey Home Studio (Dundas, ON), in your home or virtual. After that session you will receive information on how to prepare for your breathwork journey.

On the day of your Curated Breathwork Journey we spend the day dedicated to you and your healing and you are facilitated + guided every step of the way. After the Guided Breathwork Journey, we will do some light Integration and nourish your body.

Following the Journey we will schedule 2x Integration Sessions (via Zoom) around 1 week and 3 weeks later. During this time I'm available through WhatsApp and Email as Messaging Support to support you with things that may arise.

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Important info

Common Experiences

• Emotional Release 
• Physical Sensations/Vibrations 
• Visualization 
• Body Awareness 
• Intuitive Guidance

Contraindications to Breathwork

• Epilepsy or Seizures 
• Cardiovascular Challenges 
• High Blood Pressure 
• Recent Injuries, Surgery or Illness
• Please See Disclaimer for Full List

Benefits of Breathwork

• Reduce Stress + Inflammation
• Increase Mental Clarity 
• Emotional Release (Grief, Anger etc.) 
• Somatic Release from the Body 
• Safely Explore Altered States of Consciousness

Why Integration + Breathwork?

Integration is the process of bringing all of the healing and insights you received during a session into your day-to-day life. Our aim during the integration phase is to allow the mind and body systems to deeply synthesize what has unfolded in the session. This process can be easy for some, and it's also common for it to be confronting, difficult and overwhelming. Integration is just as important as the journey itself and your experience includes 2x integration sessions. This is the process of taking your peak experience and bringing it into your everyday life. Though the integration process will continue for months, we will work together to be sure you have as soft of a landing back into the reality of everyday life.

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Nicole, WSET Level 2

"I've done a breathwork session with Amanda and she was so great at facilitating the session and holding space for me. If you have never experienced breathwork, highly recommend Lavender Tusk. Amanda creates a safe and beautiful space for you to let go of what no longer serves you and explore yourself. I've also had the pleasure of attending a cacao ceremony/oracle card reading and it was such a nice opportunity to connect with a like-minded community over a heart opening session."

Natalie, Virtual Assistant

"As soon as I entered Amanda's studio, I immediately felt at ease by her warm welcome and comfortable atmosphere. We began chatting about my intentions and concerns and she answered any questions I had before she demonstrated the breathing techniques we would be using during our breathwork session. Amanda set the scene with a curated playlist and guided me through each breath and I felt comfortable and safe the whole time. After grounding, I was given time to journal any thoughts and feelings that arose during the session, and then we discussed them together. I really felt like I experienced clarity on some heath issues I've been experiencing and just felt a sense of relief after. The breathwork session ended with a tarot card reading, which added a lovely touch to the experience. I highly recommend Amanda's breathwork sessions, especially for those who are new to the practice!"

Joanne, Certified Health Coach 

"The guided Breathwork session was my first, and it exceeded all my expectations. Amanda guided us through the breathing techniques, creating a transformative and deeply introspective experience. The energy in the room was palpable, and I found myself laughing, and connecting with all the beautiful souls in the event. I left feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and deeply grateful for the transformative journey I had just embarked upon. I would highly recommend checking out Lavender Tusk to anyone seeking personal growth, self-discovery, and connection. Thank Amanda for creating such a memorable experience. I am truly grateful for the laughter, shared moments, and profound insights gained. I look forward to attending future events and continuing my personal growth journey in such a nurturing and inspiring space."

Benefits of Breathwork


• Safely Explore Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness 
• Receive Intuitive Guidance 
• Connect with Ancestors, Guides, Angels etc. 
• Raise Self-Love + Worth 
• Re-ignite Creativity, Play + Joy


• Reduce Inflammation + Cortisol 
• Decrease Muscle Tension + Toxins 
• Increase Immune Support 
• Improves HRV 
• Enhance Sleep + Digestion


• Increase Concentration + Focus 
• Quicker Problem-Solving 
• Faster Decision Making 
• Increase Mental Clarity 
• Supports Executive Functions


• Reduce Anxiety + Depression 
• Reduce Stress + Tension 
• Supports Emotional Release 
• Releases Trauma from the Body 
• Clear Fear + Limiting Beliefs

What’s Included

Guided Breathwork Journey + Integration Support

Your Curated Journey

We will collaboratively create an intention for the session including the best technique, set + setting. All of this infuses your curated session including the music playlist, sound bath instruments, EFT tapping points, vocal toning, affirmations, essential oils, crystals etc. 

Preparation Session
(60 minutes via Zoom)

We will schedule a Preparation Session 1-2 Weeks prior to your Guided Breathwork Journey where we connect, get to know each other, where you are at + what your goals for the session are

Breathwork 101 Workshop

Create time to watch this workshop recording which has all the foundational information about Owaken Breathwork + what to expect for your Guided Breathwork Journey

Onboarding Package

If you are a suitable candidate for Owaken Breathwork + we start the process, you will receive a Pre-Breathwork Questionnaire & Waiver to complete with intention

Whatsapp/Message/Email Support

During this time I’m available via WhatsApp and Email to support you with anything that may arise

2x Integration Sessions
(60-Minutes via Zoom)

After the Guided Breathwork Journey, we will schedule 2x Integration Sessions via Zoom around 1 and 3 weeks later

Integration Post-Journey

Everyone feels different post-breathwork journey. There is time to be in silence, share, journal + nourish your body to support moving forward mindfully 

Guided Breathwork Journey (3-Hours) 

Arrive at the scheduled day/time/location. We take time for welcoming, grounding + reviewing your intention/what to expect. The journey itself will be 60-90-minutes + then we will integrate

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As a bonus, you'll receive 15% off future sessions - Thank you for being here!

As a Trauma-Informed Practitioner, my primary goal is your safety, no matter your race, religion, political or sexual orientation. With my whole heart, I aim to create non-oppressive spaces that are inclusive, diverse and welcoming for all walks of life. The diversity of Breathwork participants enrichens the experience for all. All races, genders, sexual orientations, religions, political affiliations and people are welcome here. There is zero tolerance for racism, sexism, bigotry, hate, and white supremacy in my community spaces. There are systemic barriers at play daily for those who are marginalized. Taking a moment to acknowledge the external forces that uphold systems of oppression is important. Breathwork is an invitation to look at what can be done with what you have in your own current reality.



Virtual (via Zoom)

If you are outside of Ontario or for another reason want to connect virtually, choose a virtual session via Zoom 

Journey Home Studio (Dundas, ON)

Located downtown Dundas, ON this location is suitable for 1-on-1s, Couples and Private Groups up to 10 participants.

In-Your-Home (or location of choice)

If you would like to experience a Guided Breathwork Journey in the comfort of your home or location of your choice

Local Studio

Local yoga studios are available for booking in Hamilton, Brantford, Binbrook and Guelph (other locations may be available) 

Couples $1500 All Inclusive
Groups $1900 (For 3 People)

Couples & Group Breathwork Journey + Integration Investment 

*Please Note: Payment Plans Available. If booking anywhere other than Journey Home Studio, travel + studio fees are not included and will incur an additional cost

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$1400 All Inclusive
(Tax + Studio Rental Included)

1-on-1 Guided Breathwork Journey + Integration Investment 

More questions? Read our FAQ.

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*Please Note: Payment Plans Available. If booking anywhere other than Journey Home Studio, travel + studio fees are not included and will incur an additional cost

Breathwork Retreat

Join an in-person Community Breathwork Retreat with themes changing monthly 

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