Are you a Registered Therapist? If you're not a Registered Psychotherapist, how can you teach these offerings?

Every offering I hold space for has been created out of my own lived experience both personally and professionally. There are various other certifications that I have invested thousands of dollars and hours completing to also be able to be here. You have sovereignty to take what resonates, and leave what doesn't. If a suggestion feels unsafe, or, you're not interested, you have no obligation to try or commit to it.

What are your professional qualifications?

Bachelor of Arts (Wilfrid Laurier University)
Certified Coach (The Mode School)
Certified Breathwork Facilitator (Qualifying – Owaken Breathwork)
Certified Yoga Teacher (Yoga Ghar 200hr)
Certified Reiki Instructor (Caroline Watters Coaching)
Spiritual Psychotherapy (Student – Transformational Arts College)

What is your lived experience?

My life story is way too full to summarize in a few short sentences. However, keeping it simple in relation to how I show up here: diagnosed mental health challenges (Anxiety & Adjustment Disorder, depression, PTSD), trauma, chronic illness (Achalasia), chronic pain (broken back), long-term abusive relationship & being a Highly Sensitive Person/Empath.

What is included in each service? 

Each service is unique and includes different offerings. You can find the details and inclusions for each service, along with their costs, on our pages for Mentorship, Coaching, and Breathwork.

Where do your offerings take place?

Each offering is unique and has options to be delivered virtually (via Zoom), at our office (Brantford, Ontario) and/or in your home (Brantford, ON and surrounding areas by inquiry). Please check the page for each service to see location options and inquire about your specific location.

Who is the 1-on-1 Mentorship for?

If you have an open-mind, genuine interest in diving deep into your own personal healing and are willing to participate fully, this mentorship is for you. All genders, races, religions and backgrounds are welcome. Note: you need to be in a state of mental and physical health appropriate to participate. If in doubt, consult with your healthcare provider.

 What do the coaching sessions involve?

The Coaching Certification I completed with The Mode School which offers coaching sessions based on a powerful collaboration of science, psychology, somatic and spiritual work. You do not have to have previous experience with tools, techniques or concepts. Through intuitive development, somatics, energy healing, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Neural Energetic Re-Wiring, we will take a holistic approach to hold space for the transformation you are looking for.

What do the breathwork sessions involve?

The Breathwork Facilitator Training I completed was with Owaken Breathwork which is a heart-based, circular breathing journey that is supported with energy, intuition and sound. This experience guides the body to be flooded with oxygen and induce an altered state of consciousness where shifts, insights, healing, detox and transformation can occur naturally. This is a safe modality.

Who is breathwork for?

If you have an open-mind, genuine interest in personal development, healing, exploring
spirituality, creating positive changes and are willing to participate fully, breathwork is for you. All genders, races, religions and backgrounds are welcome. Note: you need to be in a state of mental and physical health appropriate to participate. If in doubt, consult with your healthcare provider.

Is Breathwork just breathing? I do that every day!

Breathwork sessions are different from daily breathing. This is breathWORK so there is effort involved. While we are not focusing on your daily breathing technique, having your day to day breathing improve is a common benefit.

What are common breathwork experiences?

Visualizations, emotional sensitivity/release, experiencing new perspectives, recalling the past, connecting with guides/inner guidance, going deep into the body, shaking/vibrating, intense levels of energy and more.

What if I feel emotionally flooded or triggered during our session?

Your safety is my priority and you are always in control. You have complete sovereignty during our collaborative journey (and always), and I am there to guide and support you. Breathwork helps you build awareness in listening to your body, so you have permission to slow down, speed up or stop any time your body says no. You and your decisions will always be honoured.

I’ve never done breathwork before and I’m a bit nervous, should I still book?

It is common to feel nervous, and I’ve got you! There is an application process to ensure we are a good fit working together and you will receive a pre-work guide making sure you feel supported through our whole experience before we even start. If you are curious about breathwork and have an open mind and genuine desire for transformation, you will be guided into the perfect experience for you by trusting the intelligence of your breath.


Where are the retreats and/or workshops?

Retreats and workshop locations can vary from virtually (via Zoom), at our farm office (413 Johnson Road, Brantford, ON) to other venues around Ontario.

who are they for?

Everyone is welcome at our retreats and workshops. Please note if a retreat or workshop is for a specific demographic, that will be noted (example: women, couples, empaths, entrepreneurs etc.)


where are you located?

Our farm office is located at 413 Johnson Road, Brantford, ON.

Do you offer only in person services?

Nope! Lots of virtual options as well (Phone or Zoom).


How much are the services and workshops?

Each service and workshop is unique, with different costs. You can find the costs for each, along with other details, on our pages for Mentorship, Coaching, Breathwork, and Retreats & Workshops.

How do you accept payments?

This varies depending on the offering. Typically, credit, debit or e-transfer.

When are payments due?

Payment schedule can vary depending on the offering. Examples can include a deposit & then monthly payments or paid in full before an offering.


All deposits & payments are non-refundable.


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