Lavender Tusk aka Amanda Welton

  • Projector (Human Design)
  • Virgo Sun Sign
  • Cancer Rising
  • Aquarius Moon 
  • Traveled to Australia, Indonesia, Costa Rica + Throughout Canada + USA
  • Lots of rescue animals at home (dogs, cats + bunny!) 

Hi I’m Amanda!

Trauma-Informed Certified Breathwork Facilitator (Owaken Breathwork) & Certified Mind-Body Coach (The Mode School) specializing in anxiety, trauma education, burnout recovery, chronic illness recovery, narcissistic abuse recovery + nervous system resilience. 

Born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Founder of Lavender Tusk

Quick shares about me:

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My Journey

Lavender Tusk Breathwork Studio

Change to: Took the leap of faith in 2023 and left my FT 9-5 at the City of Brantford to open a brick-and-mortar Breathwork Studio at 21 Bold Street in 2023

Currently Navigating:

Once I was educated, self-aware + could integrate the connection between the mind + body, I was able to truly begin healing. Learning about the nervous system, what trauma really is, anxiety as a symptom, gut health, hormones + healing through nature, I was able to make sense of my experience + finally find my peace + be in alignment.

Childhood + Growing Up

Grew up as an only child, always had animals around. “Dog” was my first word (it’s in my baby book!) Deemed Gifted in Grade 5 + had to transfer schools 

Highly Sensitive & Anxious

All throughout teenage years including overthinking, energetic overwhelm, procrastination + physical effects such as digestive issues, acne, irregular periods, constipation etc. 

Chronic Illness

At 19 years old, undiagnosed for 7+ years, later diagnosed as Achalasia + had POEM Surgery in 2019

Narcissistic, Codependent + Addict/Enabler Relationship

For 6 years during my 20’s (hint: I was the enabler!) 

Unplanned Pregnancy at 23 years old

And chose abortion at that time

Motor Vehicle Accident at 24 years old

Broken Back & Mental Health Challenges (Anxiety, Adjustment Disorder, Depression + PTSD)

Burnout, Workaholism, Perfectionism 

Really brought to light after the MVA

Spiritual Awakening

Throughout 2019-2020 my life changed the most becoming aware of + changing the toxic positivity + spiritual bypassing 

Somatic + Root-Cause Healing

Talk therapy only got me so far + working with Functional Health (GI Map, HTMA, DUTCH Test) + Breathwork (Somatic Release) helped me find my peace


Applied + got accepted to Owaken Breathwork Facilitator Training + Somatic Coaching Certification by The Mode School 
Entrepreneurship, Completing my Psychotherapy Training, Unexplained Infertility Diagnosis, Being a Step-Mama

• Bachelor of Arts (Wilfrid Laurier University)
• Certified Trauma-Informed Breathwork Facilitator (Owaken)
• Certified Mind-Body Coach (The Mode School)
• Certified Yoga Teacher (Skyhawk Yoga)
• Certified Reiki Practitioner (Caroline Watters)
• Discovering the Total Self Program (Transformational Arts College)
• Social Service Outreach Worker (City of Brantford)
• Spiritual Psychotherapy Student (TAC) 

Lived Experiences


Lavender Tusk = Feminine Awakening.

The colour lavender represents a rare feminine colour, and the tusk comes from the sacred elephant meaning awakening. Amanda wanted a unique name when creating her business + therefore Lavender Tusk was born!

Why Lavender Tusk

• Motor Vehicle Accident + Recovery 
• Narcissistic Abuse Recovery 
• Codependency + Being the Empathetic Enabler 
• Chronic Illness Recovery 
• Burnout, Boundaries + People-Pleasing
• Anxiety + Adjustment Disorder 
• Step-Mom to 2 Boys
• Infertility Journey 

get to know us

Lavender Tusk started in 2020 located at a farm office in Brantford, ON. In 2023 Lavender Tusk opened a Breathwork Studio in Hamilton, ON. So much has evolved + adapted over the years!

Amanda previously worked in Social Services before offering Breathwork through Lavender Tusk. She worked at the Brantford Public Library and City of Brantford in Housing in Homelessness

The journey for Amanda began with taking a Yoga Teacher Training & Reiki Certification back in 2015-2016. There has been a lot of unlearning + shifting how to show up since then. Including spiritual bypassing + cultural appropriation 

Before getting into Social Services + Entrepreneurship, Amanda worked in animal rescue + vet clinics. She currently has multiple rescue animals at home!

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