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Bottom-Up Somatic Healing Programs Designed To Support You Finding Your Peace

somatic healing Programs Designed to Support You

In-Person Breathwork Retreats at local studios in Ontario with themes changing monthly. Cacao, Somatic Coaching, Journaling, Breathwork, Energy Support, Sound Bath + Integration!

A 6-Month Community for Burnout Recovery + Prevention based in Embodied Nervous System Support + Holistic Healing. LIVE Sessions, 1-on-1 + Community Support

Owaken Breathwork is a Trauma-Informed Approach to Connected Breathing (Through the Mouth) with EFT Tapping, Energy Support, Gentle Touch & Sound (Instruments + Playlist)

For those who want to experience the innate intelligence of the breath together. Connect to yourself, your heart + others while being held in a sacred journey of somatic-release.

Breathwork Retreats

Couples & Group Breathwork

RECEIVE Burnout Program

1:1 Owaken Breathwork

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